SDNB Sees Uptick in Year-Over-Year Graduating Class ACT Scores

The School District of New Berlin’s composite ACT scores for 2018 graduating students have increased slightly when compared to the last couple of years.

The district’s overall composite score for the 415 students who took the test – the most ever in any single graduating class - is 23.9, up from 23.7 set by the 2017 graduating class and 23.6 turned in by the 2016 class. New Berlin’s composite score remains well above the state average of 20.5.

West’s composite score of 22.9 is up from last year’s 22.5 after gains in English, math and reading. Eisenhower’s composite score of 24.6 is down a bit from last year’s 24.9, though the school showed improvement in English and remained steady in reading.

“This data marks the third consecutive year during which all members of a graduating class were required to take the ACT,” Superintendent Joe Garza said. “Since that state mandate, our composite scores have risen each year. That says a lot about the hard work and dedication our students and staff put into preparing for the ACT.

“That said, however, we pride ourselves in being known as a district that focuses on college, career and life readiness. While important, the ACT is just part of what we focus on as we prepare students for life after high school.”

The ACT consists of tests in English, math, reading science and writing, and assesses how ready students are for college coursework in those areas. The SDNB uses ACT data, along with other assessments and data points, to continually improve academic achievement for all students in every school and classroom.

Looking deeper at the scores, Eisenhower’s highest subject scores (see chart below) were in math (25.0) and English (24.4). West’s top scores came in English and reading, both 22.8.

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