Eisenhower Counselors Recognized for Work by State Association

The New Berlin Eisenhower counselor team, comprised of Jesse Annoye, Emily Mees and Kathy Lohse, has earned the 2018 Program of Promise Award from the Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA) as a result of a Wisconsin School Counselor Accountability Report (WSCPAR) they submitted to the association for review earlier this year.

The document detailed the work the Eisenhower counselors are doing in their building and highlighted the impact that work is having on their students. Report guidelines required the counselors to share data on school climate and safety, student results in areas of academic, career and social/emotional development, and progress made in the attainment of school counseling program goals. Commentary from principal Matt Buckley regarding the impact that the counseling program has had on Eisenhower students was also included in the report.

“All district secondary counselors are important leaders in our Academic and Career Planning (ACP) process. This award is a testament to the continuous improvements they are making in their daily work on behalf of students,” Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning, Kelli Kwiatkowski said. “A great example of this is the creation, refinement and implementation of our Advisory curriculum, which serves to deliver our ACP and College and Career Readiness (CCR) instruction. Those efforts, along with their leadership surrounding individual student planning conferences, support the district’s goal of increasing the number of graduates who meet the criteria necessary to be a College and Career Ready Graduate.”

Additionally, counselors from both Eisenhower and West have been making progress in recent years in capturing data to show student growth based upon standards and indicators from the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model.

“The process of preparing the report provided an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our students and offered us a chance to evaluate and reflect upon whether or not our efforts are supporting desired results,” Annoye, an Eisenhower counselor, said. “Although a bit challenging, it was an important and valuable process to undertake.”

The team will be recognized in February during the annual WSCA conference in Madison.

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